The Air, The Fish and All Time




A multi-instrumentalist, Craig has played in many bands over time, mainly as a saxophonist, guitarist, piano player and backing vocalist.

He's been quietly writing songs and 'The Air, The Fish and All Time' is his 1st album.

Enjoy. Play it loud!

Samuel Gregg was co-collaborator on this album. This album would not have seen the light of day without Sam’s creative wizardry and musicality.

Sam co-wrote 3 songs: Shades of Home, Rhythm of the Word and Harbour. For no discernible reason the publisher has neglected to credit Sam’s songwriting.

Extra credits to Allen Koppe for photography and Rhodna Debney for artwork.

Lyrics From Track #9

This is an abridged text of Craig's poem


Before me...all was black and white
And the mysteries weaved their passage
And held me in wonder,
And the sordid details were spared
And life was fresh,
And the ferries tugged me with love
And my harbour was brand new.

The past held no illusions
And the future could always tell.
The water slapped the ferry with affection
And death was for others.

The sea could anger and turn
And wash and injure itself,
But only a splash could come close to me,
And send a shiver to rinse my spine

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